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Clay Roman oil lamp. Looking for any additional info

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Jj W:

--- Quote from: Strobilus2 on October 12, 2021, 12:45:18 pm ---Jimi (v-drome) is absolutely spot on. He has very accurately identified your lamp and it is undoubtedly authentic.

However, I find it interesting that your response devoted only a very brief thank-you for the identification of your lamp - but more than two long paragraphs to defending your proposed extreme 'restoration', apparently amused that your various posts on this discussion list have provoked a horrified reaction of "heresy".

I'm one of the mods on a large Facebook group for collectors of ancient artefacts. We recently noticed a new member had made at least one post remarkably similar to yours but on another type of artefact. There seemed to be a pattern ...

* 1) He prefaced the post with a long preamble about being an innocent novice collector seeking advice on what the artefact was and on how to make it look new and shiny.
2) As he happily responded to horrified replies about the 'new and shiny' part, it gradually became very evident to us that identifying the artefact was unimportant and not the real reason for his post.
3) Despite purportedly being a novice seeking advice, he ignored the obvious solution of just buying or making a replica and insisted on damaging the actual artefact itself.
4) He gave long reasoned arguments and calmly insisted that the artefact was his to do with as he liked even though he knew it would destroy both its monetary and historical value.
5) Most tellingly, his photos showed that in fact his artefact had not even been touched, let alone undergone any trial attempts to spruce it up, and it was rather hard to believe he was really just waiting for instructions.

* It all seemed very peculiar for a novice who had never posted before and who was ostensibly seeking advice. After all, it's pretty obvious to anyone that destroying thousand-year-old objects just to satisfy some bizarre selfish whim is not the way to go.

We came to the conclusion that the new member had deliberately chosen an online group in which people love ancient artefacts and had posted his intention to destroy them simply to wind the other members up and provoke an outraged reaction - an activity known as 'trolling'.

--- End quote ---

Wow.  Thank you so much for such a gracious welcome to your community.  Being new to something with different perspective and opinions on things is clearly something that isn't acceptable on this board.  You don't need to worry, I already decided that this wasn't the place for me.  My "trolling" won't bother you anymore.  I hope your misery doesn't fully consume you and that you find some joy in life somehow.


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