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Nie mam pojęcia, jak mogłyby powstać w sposób naturalny, a celowości ich wykonania też niespecjalnie widzę.
A może użyto jakiejś kombinowanej zaprawy albo dodatku, który potem wszedł w kontakt z czynnikami atmosferycznymi i takie parchy się pojawiły.
Other Metal Antiquities / Re: Sewing Needle or something else?
« Last post by Serendipity on Today at 03:51:52 am »
Sorry, but I forgot to mention with was ground-found in a long forgotten Celtic settlement south of the Drava river in Croatia.

Yes, but you also forgot to mention that you had the artefact already listed as a cloak fastener pin before you withdrew that information from your website. You should have mentioned that in your initial description:
Awesome, thanksYou're correct.Still learning...
Retro Bowl College
Books and References / Re: A review of Varbanov (English Edition)
« Last post by Kelsey R on Today at 03:48:11 am »
I bought Vol. 1 (English) from Forvm despite the warnings mentioned here.  Due to the lack of AMNG, etc., I find it to be pretty beneficial.  I've already discovered various variations on legends and literary devices that weren't in the book.  I observe that twisted spears could be referred to as scepters.  Additionally, it does not account for legend breaks even though bust kinds and legends are specified.  The majority of the listed coins are not entirely shown, therefore prospective buyers should be aware of this.  The available illustrations are high-resolution and of good quality.  It should be simple for those who are familiar with Sear's volumes to navigate.  Bottom line: Despite the book's flaws and cost, I am happy with it. 
 Retro Bowl College
Rzeczywiście dziwne. A szukał Pan w sieci jakichś materiałów o tym kościele?
Tak, miejsce jest dość znane i niestety jest mnóstwo stron typu "the best of Transylvania", które potem w opisie kościoła mają dwa zdania. Ale nawet na tych lepszych nie znalazłem nic o tych dziurach.

Kościół, jak większość w tamtych rejonach, przeszedł w pewnym momencie w ręce protestantów, którzy dzielnie z takimi przejawami bałwochwalstwa walczyli. Być może jakiś wyjątkowo metodyczny zwolennik nowych prądów powycinał te dziury, żeby jeśli nawet komuś zachce się usunąć wierzchnią warstwę farby, którą zamalowano freski, i tak nic z tego nie miał?
Identification Help / Help ID Celtic coin
« Last post by Alan M3 on Yesterday at 09:39:01 pm »
Has a native man on the obverse and a bull on the reverse. The composition is bronze and it is US dime sized. What tribe is the coin from? Thank you for the help.
Other Metal Antiquities / Re: Sewing Needle or something else?
« Last post by Serendipity on Yesterday at 04:52:21 pm »
A very fascinating post indeed! I find myself agreeing with Shawn that it's most probably a simple and unadorned Roman copper-alloy hairpin, c.1st-3rd century CE, because it's approximately the right length at 16.0cm. In fact, I've been looking elsewhere at a more adorned Roman silver hairpin for sale featuring the goddess Victoria holding a wreath which cleverly doubles as the loop itself. Its length is 15.8cm. Unfortunately, I don't own the actual piece which is why I can't showcase it here.
Identification Help / Greek ae - Help ID (Athena / Zeus)
« Last post by Crassus on Yesterday at 03:32:17 pm »
Hi friends
Need help to confirm the id, please?
13mm 1,2 grs
Thank you
Identification Help / Re: Trajan Capaddocia?
« Last post by Crassus on Yesterday at 02:44:33 pm »
Thank you dear
Greek Coins / Re: Unknown Alexander The Great tetradrachm type?
« Last post by Arados on Yesterday at 11:38:47 am »
I was going to answer you yesterday but time ran out during the evening. I am in total agreement with Curtis regarding authenticity and that your coin is more than likely unpublished. I also searched the Pella website and painstakingly went through the symbols and I think i see iconographic similarities to coins of Chios and Western Asia. I have separated the individual letters of the symbol seen on your coin (OMY & K), so hopefully this will help you in part to place your coin within a certain group.
Hope this was of some help.
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