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CALIGULA - Ori. Sestertius, c37-8AD Pietas



CALIGULA - Ori. Sestertius, c37-8AD
Ori. Sestertius, c37-8, c34mm, c25.3g.

Roma. Gaius Caligula (37-41 AD). Sestertius. 40-41 AD.
C CAESAR DIVI AVG PRON AVG P M TR P IIII PP Pietas veiled and draped, seated left, holding patera in right hand, left arm resting on small facing figure on basis;
in exergue, PIETAS. R/ Hexastyle garlanded temple surmounted by quadriga, before which Gaius veiled and togate, sacrifices with patera over garlanded altar; one attendant leads bull to the altar; a second attendant holds patera; on left,
[D]IVO and big S; on right, AVG and big C. RIC I, 51; BMCRE 69

Gregory M2:
Sharp strike
Gorgeous Patina
Thanks for posting this Caligula!

Beautiful coin :)


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