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CLAUDIUS AS HEAD TO HEAD [Contest over, winner declared]


Two Asses of Philip I in competition this time. Both of the coins have been attributed as RIC I: 113

Cast your vote by clicking on BOTH coins and rating each one



This contest ended on the 28th of February.

Please note that the names of persons who have uploaded coins to the BOT gallery but are no longer members of FORVM have now been deleted. Their coins will however remain in the gallery, and from now on any such coin which is involved in a head to head contest will simply appear here as "Anonymous". That is the case with this head to head contest.

Thank-you for visiting and taking the time to vote.


This Contest is now over and Postumus' coin is the winner. Congratulations Postumus.

I have moved the other coin to the "Coins from Members' Personal Ancient Coin Galleries" gallery.

Although votes cast after the closing date are not counted as far as the head to head contests are concerned, please feel free to rate any of the coins in the "Best of Type" gallery at any time.

Thank-you to everyone who took part in this contest, your participation is very much appreciated.



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