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Jay GT4:
My links all still work but I don't think I would choose the same coins today...

This is a fun thread to read- I hope a more people will post! I updated my old post too Alex!

A couple of years ago i decided to erase my Forvm gallery with the intent of uploading all of my Arados coins with a black background instead of white. This inevitably meant that all the previous likes and comments were lost.

My most viewed coin is my hemidrachm struck in Arados 119-118 B.C, with Tyche & Prow of galley.

My favourite coin is this bronze of Arados with great detail.

Which coin are your surprised has so few views?

This tetradrachm (ex.Byblos) now attributed to Arados.

Which coin have you paid the most to acquire?  (Don't tell us prices)
It would have to be the following coins, but i have paid more for coins not included in my Arados collection. These can be found on my website.
The tetradrachm above.

Ron C2:
My current gallery has only been live since February this year, but I've been working hard to shoot my coins well and upload them with nice attributions.  Perhaps premature, but I'll play the game :)

What is your most viewed coin?  That would be this heavily toned examples of RIC IVa 54 of Septimius Severus.  It's actually a rare IMPIIII variant of this type with only one turning up in RD, but I suspect it's mostly viewed for its striking patina.

Is it your favorite coin? No it isn't.  I like it, but it's far from my favorite.

If not, which coin is your favorite? Tough to say... likely this RIC IVa 266:

Which coin are your surprised has so few views?

This RIC IVb 319 Orbiana denarius

Which coin have you paid the most to acquire?

So far, easily it was this RIC IVb 225 Aquilia Severa denarius:


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