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May have missed it somewhere but Maridvnvm and Slokind both post images in posts that can be clicked and enlarged. Could somebody share with me how to do this please.



Danny S. Jones:
I'm pretty sure that if you post a picture larger than the size allowed, that it will automatically be resized on the post and allow enlargement by clicking.


Correct. Ususally, the website resisizes it.  If it's bigger, you are able to click it, and, depending on size, the coin will either just turn bigger or turn bigger in a new window.
For example, I have posted my Aristobulus prutah.  Because the original image is not a bit bigger, but significantly bigger, the original sized photograph will open in a new window.



Thank-you for your replies.



Run the mouse over the image.  If you see the arrow, the image is as big as the sender sent it.  If you see a hand, click ON THE PICTURE itself.  If then you see a reading-glass icon with a + in it, you should click on the picture again, and the image will be a bit larger AND BEST POSSIBLE DEFINITION, and you will see a - on that icon.
I usually send images now reduced to 1000 pixels across, in the case of an obv and rev pair or other 'landscape' image, and that means that one click is not exactly how it was saved, whereas, with the second click, it is.
Needless to say, if I send an image of a standing statue I'll send it at ~680 high, and that's plenty big enough as it is.
I usually initial the 1000-pixel image files "K-" for kilo.  And I jpeg them to Photoshop's level 9 out of consideration for those who still have copper-wire and modem connections.
See the two Marcianopolis coins, newly photographed, that I just (last night) posted on the Marcianopolis Addenda in Provincial.
Pat L.


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