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FORVM Member of the Year 2009 Poll !!

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Joe Sermarini:
Here is our 2009 Member of the Year poll!  Members can vote for up to 3 people from the list.

I would like to congratulate the nominees and thank them for their contribution to this community.

*Jochen, maridvnum, and Steve Minnoch were selected in previous years and are eligible for Tribunus Plebis Perpetuus.  If any of them receive the highest number of votes they will be awarded Perpetuus status. 

Good luck !

P.S. Please also vote in the 2009 Forvm Numismatic Excellence Awards Poll -

Potator II:
Congratulations to the nominees, they are all worth the title, choosing was very difficult  :laugh:


Difficult is not the word! Everyone nominated deserves the honor. Congrats to all!


I too cannot seem to find the way to offer a vote!
There are no buttons to click, and no options to select.
I have clicked the graphs icon, the names, etc., etc., without success.
Is there something I am missing (as it seems are others).
Could perhaps partly explain why so few have voted.
What are we doing wrong?

Walter Holt
(. . . or did I already vote and the option no longer presents itself?)

I think that the time limit for voting may well have passed and therefore the vote is complete. In which case I would like to congratulate Jochen on his well deserved victory.


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