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2008 Member of the Year Nominations!

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Joe Sermarini:
Please nominate your selection for our 2008 Member of the Year, who will be awarded the title Tribunus Plebis (male) or Tribuna Plebis (female).   Nominations will close on 26 December.  Please only make one nomination or second and only nominate or second the one person you actually intend to vote for. 

Curtis Clay and Patricia Lawrence have already been awarded Perpetuus status for selection as member of the year twice.   They are no longer eligible for nomination since they are already Tribunes of the People for Life!

To be eligible, the member must:
- Have been a member the entire year.
- Be one of the top 50 posters (currently that means more than 650 posts).
- Either hold one or more of the other titles or serve as a moderator. 

Only one Tribunus or Tribuna Plebis will be elected each year.   Polling will begin after the nominations are complete.  A member that is elected twice will be designated Tribunus Plebis Perpetuus (male) or Tribuna Plebis Perpetua (female) and will be excluded from future election because it is unnecessary.   When a Tribunus Plebis Perpetuus (male) or Tribuna Plebis Perpetua (female) is selected, the member with the second highest number of votes will be selected as member of the year and awarded the title Tribunus Plebis (male) or Tribuna Plebis (female).

Our Tribunus Plebis and Tribuna Plebis to date:
Steve Minnoch - Tribunus Plebis 2007
Patricia Lawrence - Tribuna Plebis Perpetua (2006 & 2005)
Hans-Joachim Hoeft (Jochen) - Tribunus Plebis 2006
Curtis Clay - Tribunus Plebis Perpetua (2005 & 2004)
Dane Kurth (Helvetica) - Tribuna Plebis 2003

I nominate Pscipio.


I second Pscipio.

Will Hooton:
I nominate maridvnvm, in recognition for his excellent work on the boards and in the Forvm Awards Committee.

I nominate tacrolimus, for his admirable skills in identifying even the most worn bronzes. I also do hope that someone seconds maridvnvm, especially for his continuous efforts in detecting fakes but also for his contributions on his special collecting areas.



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