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Joe Sermarini:
I just removed dick, penis and vagina from the banned words list.  The first because it is a name, the last two because they may be appropriate for some discussions on this board.  The only other words that seems to have actually been used in posts are pharm... and another name for a cat.  The former, I think should stay banned to ID spammers.  The second, which changes to "girlie thingy" I left banned just because I find the results very amusing. 


--- Quote from: slokind on December 02, 2008, 03:20:31 am --- I mean, the server lets us write Peter...
Pat L.

--- End quote ---

Hey, I resemble that! :-)

In memory of my mentor, D. A. Amyx, whom we all called Dick, I thank Joe wholeheartedly.  I, too, think 'girl thingy' is funny (in Are You Being Served?, that deathless British sitcom, Mrs. Slocum had a 'girlie thingy' joke in every episode; for example, they got tickets to the ballet, which occasioned entrechats being translated as "between p------").  Whoever made the list for the server software has to have been the age group of my other dear friend, Pete, their list containing a bunch of 23 skiddoo (if I recall that correctly) slang, which for many years now the Oxford University Press has printed.  For the genuinely coarse words, I know lots of Greek and Latin equivalents to use.  Pat L.

Not that I want to discuss penises and vaginas so much but it's good to know that I could.


I think this is an great  feature that will hopefully reduce the risk of clicking to a spammer site

LOL  they ( spammers ) haven't realised that people do not want to deal with company's that have to rely on spam for advertising.

so can these " edited words" be changed to anything ?  this could become real amusing   :)

EDITED   LOL  hopefully rogain will not be added to the list  as I will need some soon  :)


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