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Burton was sent to the Near and Middle East to research and write a vice report of the region (remember, the British were ruling much of it).  He did so, and it is printed in one of the seventeen volumes of the Arabian Nights.  And, as jochen says, . . .
Pat L.


--- Quote from: Jochen on December 03, 2008, 03:24:08 pm ---Regarding Richard Burton: He was not only the famous translator of the Arabian Nights, but one of the discoverers of the origins of the river Nile (besides Speke naturally) too. But what is more important for our thread: He was an important collector of erotic literature. His library was full of original works from all over the world, an invaluable treasure! After his death the first his religious or - more correct - saintly wife has done was to burn his library so that no one should recognize the 'abnormal' passion of her husband. The cultural loss by this barbaric act was immense.

Down with political correctness! Up the freedom of mind!

Best regards

--- End quote ---

And he still had time to act in all those films and be married to Liz Taylor too -- what a guy  :D


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