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Greetings, Forum admins!

If you look at the bottom of this thread:

You will see that if we type the word p-h-a-r-m-a-c-e-u-t-i-c-a-l (without dashes) into a posting, Forum changes the text of the word into "I am a spammer."  (First noticed in a post by Manzikert, who is not one). This is disconcerting.  Do Forum staff know about this?  Is Forum changing anything else that we type?  Is there a list of banned words somewhere?


That one happened to me, too.  I had to change to a word that does not routinely occur in efforts to sell on line pills and elixirs without prescriptions...  I was only talking about ancient uses of poppies, of course.  The only other one I know about is the difficulty in alluding to every Tom, Dick, and Harry.  In my case, I was talking about my dear deceased professor, whom we all called Dick, and I had to use his full name Darrell.
I must say that the server's effort to identify senders of tinned processed meat makes more sense than eliminating one of the commonest and most innocuous nicknames in English.  I mean, the server lets us write Peter...
But we HAVE had spammers breaking in here.
Pat L.

Steve Minnoch:
A sensible alteration might be to put a post threshold on it: over a certain number of posts, and the anti-spam features would be deactivated.


Joe Sermarini:
The discussion board does have a banned word list.  The software comes with its own list of banned words and replacements but allows modification.  The list is visible only in the admin section.  The list includes the names of most modern drugs, a few phrases related to quick money making, and a lot of porn related words and phrases.  Most of the banned words come from an online SPAM keyword list. 

I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing a spammers post modified to announce what they are, rather than what they are selling. 

I don't think it is possible to turn off the banned word list for some users but not others. 

Well, as long as we long-time users know what the situation is, we can watch for this and work around it, using dashes as I did above, for example.



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