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Alex G. Malloy Joins FORVM as a consultant


Joe Sermarini:
Alex G. Malloy has joined FORVM as a consultant for antiquities.  Many of you will know, Alex started as a dealer in 1968 and produced over 210 printed sales coin and antiquity catalogues before he retired a few years ago.   Although he has a long list of things he has been doing since retiring, I convinced him it might be fun to play around a bit in his old profession.  He has agreed to help FORVM with our new venture into antiquites.  He is busy isn't likely to do a lot of chatting here on the discussion board, but he may pop in now and then.  Welcome aboard Alex!

welcome to the boards Mr. Malloy!

i bought a few coins from you back in the late 80's, and still consult your old catalogs on occasion. but my greatest memory of you was when you beat me out of two lots at auction. my other grand collecting passion is Sherlock Holmes, and i had bid on two lots of coins from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's collection. they were nothing spectacular, but to me the provenance was everything!
ahhh well, that is the nature of auctions, is it not?  ;)

i look forward to benefitting from your expertise regarding antiquities here, and once again... welcome!

Welcome aboard!   Your expertise and experience are a great addition to FORVM.

Welcome to Forvm

Did some research on-line on  Mr Malloy, and his litterature works...  :o ,  he has written more books than I have read. :-[    an outstanding accomplishment to say the least.

welcome once again to Forvm Mr Malloy

It was one of his coins which got me hooked on Postumus.


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