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Joe Sermarini Retiring From the Navy

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Joe Sermarini:
It seems like my military career was a lifetime ago. 

FORVM is definitely not a large business - it is small, very small.  The headquarters is my house.  I do like getting up in the morning and walking 30 feet to work. 

I miss the face-to-face human contact.  My wife and kids are great company, but it was nice to have more frequent in person conversations with other people.  Also, it is a bit stressful to be a business owner and rely on your business for your income.  Nothing happens as fast as you want it to and many things don't go as planned. 

Overall, I like my new life and I am very happy with how it is going.  Thanks for asking. 

Thanks, Joe, to give me the opportunity for a big community to live with.

Best regards

congrats, and hope you enjoy your retirement


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