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FORVM 2006 Member of the Year Nominations

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For me it's very hard to choose only one name..... Manzikert is my firts choice and Rupert the second.


To many should be here, but this year i would like to nominate a Martin. His work at the fake reports, his knowledge and kindness are always wonderfull.

My nomination: Maridvnvm.

Regards, Ignacio.

I vote for Tacrolimus! Luigi's attributions sometimes are so astonishing that it proofs the old word: You have it or you have it not! You must have it because you can't learn it!

Best regards

Lawrence Woolslayer:
I wish to second Jochen.

As Luigi is already nominated, I'd like to nominate Pat/slokind for always being friendly and helpul, and for her innumerable educating postings.



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