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Joe Sermarini:
Please nominate your selection for our 2006 Member of the Year, who will be awarded the title Tribunus Plebis (male) or Tribuna Plebis (female).   Nominations will close on 4 January.  (Yes, we are late again this year.)

The Member of the Year is determined by a poll of FORVM members held each December.  To be eligible, the member must have been a member the entire year, be one of the top 50 posters, and either hold one or more of the other titles or serve as a moderator.  Only one Tribunus or Tribuna Plebis will be selected each year.  A member that is elected twice will be designated Tribunus Plebis Perpetuus (male) or Tribuna Plebis Perpetua (female) and will be excluded from future election because it is unnecessary.   When a Tribunus Plebis Perpetuus (male) or Tribuna Plebis Perpetua (female) is selected, the member with the second highest number of votes will be selected as member of the year and awarded the title Tribunus Plebis (male) or Tribuna Plebis (female).

Please only make one nomination or second and only nominate or second the one person you intend to vote for. 

Curtis Clay is has already been awarded the title Tribunus Plebis Perpetuus for his selection as member of the year twice.   He is no longer eligible for nomination since he is a Tribunus Plebis for life!

Hello All,
Jochen has been a member that you can count on for help with an attribution or to stimulate an interesting dialouge.  He always gives freely of his time and frankly I have found him to be a person that can be counted upon.

This community is already great, individuals such as Jochen; make this a much better place.

It is for the reasons listed above and for the many more I have neglected (or forgotten) to list, that I nominate Jochen for Tribunus Plebis.

I have been thinking of this all year, but among so many worthy contributors, I always come back to tacrolimus , Luigi.  He makes the identifications that most of the rest of us just wonder about and always without fanfare but with exact references.
Pat Lawrence

I had both Jochen and tacrolimus in mind. It is a tough call but I would like to act as a second for tacrolimus.

I would like to nominate PEP ( kevin) for all the hard work he has done in regards to the web site awards as well as the other projects he has gotten involved with. He is a key member of Forum and one of the people who makes it work and makes it a pleasure to be here.


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