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Jerome Holderman:
I have this coin I just bought unattributed for $2.50. here is what I have been able to come up with.

Obverse: I can read PIVS AVGV , based on the possibilities and the portrait, I believe this to be Septimus Severus.

Reverse: I can read ,MVNICIP    BENS, which I believe would make it from Stobi.

First of all is this correct? secondly are coins from Stobi common? I don't seem to see many of them on line?


I'd say yes to Stobi and yes they are reasonably common (at least lately-I see them popping up everywhere)..


Indubitably you are correct. I've also note an increase in the number of coins from Stobi available lately.

Compared to some Moesian or more common Thracian and Macedonian cities, Stobi is obviously less frequently encountered. Nonetheless, Stobi is among the 100 more easily found cities.


Jerome Holderman:
well, still an interesting coin for $2.50, it does have Nike after all ;)

Thanks for the confirmation.

I would slightly disagree. At least on the Balkans, Stobi is considered a quite hard-to-find mint. After all, it is not even quite sure where the site of the city actually was. Indeed there is some increase in Stobi offerings recently which may be due to recent finds. Still, for 2.50 such a coin is a steal.


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