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Augustus , Macecedon Philippi?


Jerome Holderman:
Got this coin in a uncleaned batch. Seems to match BMC23,RPC1651, SGI32, except all examples of this coin I find are 18-20mm, and mine is only 15mm? Is this just a undersized example, or is it actually a different coin?


These coins weren't actually struck during Augustus, but probably under the later Julio-Claudians and likely for some time. I suspect, although I have no evidence to support this idea, that the coins were in fact struck for quite some time, perhaps even in to the second century. The styles, flan sizes and weights vary quite a bit. This is also one of the most common provincial types around, so is must have been minted by the millions.


Jerome Holderman:
Yes, I have seen where some are now saying it is more likely from the time of Claudius or Nero.



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