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Fav coin 3 April

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Here is a coin of particular interest because it shows significant traces of flan preparation. Additionally, it's also quite nice, if I may say so myself. :D

145. Nicopolis ad Istrum. Gordian III. Æ 27 (4 Assaria). A.D. 238-244. Magistrate: Sabinius Modestus. Obv: AUTKMANTWNIOS GOPDIANOS. Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right. Rev: (URSAB)MODESTOU NIKOPOLEITWNPRO, (CICT…) in ex. Eagle standing, head raised, holding wreath in beak. Ref: BMC -. Grade: VF, slightly irreglar flan with minor flat section as made, brown-green patina. Indentation on obv. and rev. with circular tracings. Circular tracings also on flat section of flan. Die Axis: 360°. Weight: 13.94 g.

Does anyone else have coins whit circular tracings around the central indentations? If you do, post them!


If you look closely, especially at the reverse, you'll see the circular tracings.


That is like a work of art, a wonderful coin. Sspectacular!!!!!!!

Yes, I have one. Not as nice as yours but you can see the tracings well:

(Fan shaped swoosh under the hole on the reverse)..

Here's another, with a tracing more similar to yours:


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