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Fav coin 2 April


Here's another favourite. Quite a bit of wear, but soooo choice.

68. Augusta Trajana. Caracalla. Æ 30. A.D. 198-217. Obv: A(UTKM)AURH ANTWNINOS. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right. Rev: AUGOUST HSTRAIA, NHS in ex. City-gate with closed doors, flanked by two battlemented towers, a third tower rising from the center. Ref: Sear 2491v; BMC 11 (Trajanopolis). Grade: about Fine, smooth black-green patina. Indentation on obv. and rev. Die Axis: 195°. Weight: 14.84 g.

Does anyone else out there have any city gates? Love to see them.


Could the battlements be the original of the 'turrets' on campgates?

I always get suspicious about these city gate things. Your standard Roman city gate had atleast two arches, generally three. They were also arched. Still, an extremely attractive coin. ;)
                                         LordBest. 8)

I have several city gates, but most are pretty scrungy. Witness MY Caracalla/Augusta Trajana! Bet you wish you had this one  ;D . I have no excuse except that it was very inexpensive. :)

Still, with the interest that architectural types and city gates in particular are attracting nowadays even coins showing nothing but a shadow of a city-gate attract interest. My coin was NOT cheap, I might add. ;)



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