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New Forvm Staff member???

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 To my surprise, I see 2 names in red at the bottom of the member screen today. Sorin T., who by the number of posts appears to be sparkling - new!

 Welcome to the Boards Sorin!  Going to introduce him to us Joe?  :)

Joe Sermarini:
Sorin is not new.  He is FORVM's Webmaster.  

Since he is not a collector, he hasn't had much to say on the boards.  In fact, I think he only registered recently on the boards in order to do some testing.  

Yes Mr. S. is the dark mastermind behind the FORVM website and my best friend. He is working with us for over 2 years now. He is also a fresh graduate in accounting and business informatics (or a similar thingie) I would say he knows coins are round and ancient coins are almost round  :P but in fact he learned a few things in these years  :P

Sorin Teodor:
Hello, I'm surprised you saw me, I'm not logging to the board very frequently... indeed only for testing purposes.
Alex is always trying to give me this "virus" named "collecting coins"  :) . I must say I was very close few times to buy something, but I said to me: "once you'll have a good piece in your hand, you'll never stop!".  So I'm trying to be more intrested in computers  ;D

Very wise! I bought a Constantine I for my daughter, and that was that, coins have been keeping me in dire financial straits ever since.


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