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Members' Auction Running Again


Joe Sermarini:
We have the Members' Auction running again.  We have a couple hundred coins consigned specifically for the Members' Auction and will be adding them over the next month. The Members' Auction is a budget auction, intended for coins with a value under $200 (most will be under $100). All auctions start at $0.99. It is a no snipe auction. If a bid is placed when the auction is ending, bidding will be extended two hours. There are no buyer fees.

If you have low value coins to sell and you are an active member of the discussion board, you can sell them on the Members' Auction without seller fees. Free listings are self-service, similar to eBay. You must be approved to sell before you can sell. Click here - - for information about selling on the Members' Auction and getting approved to sell.

We are also taking consignments for the Members' Auction. You can sell for free or consign and pay us to do the photography, listing, payment collection, customer service and shipping. If your consignment Members' Auction listing sells for more than $20 our consignment fee is 20% or $10 whichever is higher. If your listing sells for under $20 the fee is 50%. Coins must be fully identified by the consignor and graded F or above. We will not accept unidentified coins or any coins or lots which we believe will sell for under $20. Contact me if you are considering Members' Auction consignment.

Virgil H:
I am really happy to see Member's Auctions again, seems like it has been a while. I will certainly be checking it out. I have to admit the one coin I have sold via this means was for a lot less than I expected to get (and it wasn't a high number in the first place). If I had known, I would have kept the coin. That is immaterial, though, in the end. I never sell anything on Ebay with any value without a minimum bid (I don't sell coins there). That is the problem with starting bids of $0.99 and yet I do get it. I think I have picked up some here where the seller was likewise unhappy it went for such a low price. Such are pure auctions. I just don't want to be the sucker like I feel I was in my experience.

I have a few more coins I would consider selling via the Member's Auction, but a couple of problems. I have no idea what a certain coin may sell for, hence my one experience resulting in what was essentially a waste of my own time only because the effort (including my time posting, packaging, postage, and the like), simply wasn't worth the effort and the very inexpensive coin went for less than I had in it. I learned a long time ago that I will not ever try to sell a book on Ebay for less than $5.00, even with the seller paying postage. Just not worth the time and packaging materials are way more expensive than most people think unless you are buying them in huge bulk. Most people expect to pay $0.50 for a book. It gets old and with all the fees, you can easily lose money selling on Ebay today (and Paypal sucks even more, especially with their new TOS), unlike ten years ago. But, the entire Internet is like this now. It was once a wonderful place that has been totally corrupted (Forum is one of the exceptions) by capitalism that I predicted would happen in 1997. LOL. I hate being right, but I understand American capitalism and that win-win situations are not acceptable.

The second thing is I have no idea how to actually grade coins. The one I sold, I did not include a grade and figured whoever bid would see the pics and decide for themselves. I am very uncomfortable assigning grades, especially since so many are overgraded that I see on dealer and auction sites, and a few are actually probably undergraded. I am never going to pretend I know a coin's grade unless it was graded when I bought it (and even then, I don't always believe their VF is actually a VF). A requirement for a certain grade is a showstopper for me.

Anyway, I will probably buy more on Member's Forum than I sell. I may actually put some on Ebay and see what happens, never tried that. At least I know my coins are real. LOL.


Jay GT4:
My experience has been the opposite.  I've sold many coins through Forum auctions and have been very happy with the results.  I guess it depends on what you're selling and who's looking when it's active.  In fact I have one listed right now...still a bargain!

Virgil H:
I get it and I know that mileage varies. I also see who is bidding on your coin. LOL. And it must be special, seriously, but I am not that nuanced on coins, so it is lost on me as was the last one you auctioned that I recall. The person who bought mine got a great deal. Or maybe I just lost money. We are talking $15 bucks here, not hundreds. LOL. Plus I lost money on shipping because I am both too nice and an idiot. Live and learn. I will never try to be fair about getting shipping costs right ever again. But, then, I have also refunded people a couple of bucks on Ebay before on an $8.00 purchase because I was delayed in shipping. I didn't have to. But, it was the right thing to do when I don't meet my obligation. NO ONE does that except me. I am the absolute worst businessman who ever lived because business has nothing to do with fairness in most places. Not accusing you of anything here, it is my own problem. Just venting. I want a to live in a country where capitalism is actually win-win. I assume no such country exists.


Jay GT4:
I've done partial refunds too! ;)


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