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Is There Recourse When A Post Is Deleted?


Virgil H:
So, how does one contact someone when their posts get deleted? I posted on the fraudulent dealer thread that was published news and involved The Louve. I would have appreciated an explanation as to why that was a thread that should have been deleted especially as I was defending it being there. Is any negative news about any dealer banned? Seems to me that would mean the entire NSFL needs to go. Or am I missing something and some dealers are protected and others are not?People selling fake coins on Ebay are bad and dealers making thousands on antiquities selling to museums is protected? Interesting to say the least. Someone selling looted or faked antiquities to museums should be on an even more important list than NSFL and go to jail, as may happen in that case where the thread was deleted.


I can't answer that for you, but it doesn't seem to be an isolated case. I saw a whole string of posts missing while browsing earlier today.

~ Peter

Joe Sermarini:

--- Quote from: Virgil H on August 26, 2022, 01:35:07 am ---...Is any negative news about any dealer banned? Seems to me that would mean the entire NSFL needs to go....

--- End quote ---

Yes, anything negative about dealers is banned with the exception of the NFSL and limited discussion of sellers on the NFSL. Anything positive about sellers is also banned with the exception of praise for FORVM and any Procurator Monetae members and firms they own or represent. This has been the policy here for more than 10 years and is discussed in numerous posts. I take responsibility for the accuracy of posts denigrating sellers on the NFSL, and for posts praising Procurator Monetae. I will not take responsibility for possible defamation or undeserved recommendations for other sellers and I do not have time or desire to try to confirm the accuracy of these posts.

Virgil H:
OK, thanks for explanation. I accept that even if there is sometimes disagreement, but I appreciate your take on the matter and I respect it.

Thanks and regards,


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