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Mark Fox:
Dear Board,

Just in, hot off the wire:  RPC III is now online!

The first copies of the paper version should be hitting shelves very soon from now---if not already.

Best regards,

Mark Fox

Thanks for the updates, Mark!

Hello Mark,

thank you.
already on it and submitting

Hello Mark,

Thank you for notifying us that RPC III was online. I've had great fun this weekend looking through it. It's truly a monumental work!

One of the two coins I submitted is listed in the database. I'm curious about the second one. My guess is that it was reattributed to another city and wasn't unpublished after all (the reverse legend isn't complete and I may have mis-read it). Or maybe it was judged to be a fake, though I wouldn't have thought that likely since I showed it to Prof. Amandry personally at the NY show in 2014 and he expressed no reservations about the coin.


Update: I just checked again and the second coin is listed. Not sure how missed it. Very good to see in any case.

RPC 6 is now online at the RPC site. The plan as I have heard is to have it online for a year (to sort out errors and add unknown items) and then have it issued as a book.



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