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Tom Mullally:
It's my understanding that RPC V for Egypt, Asia Minor and the Levant should be out by the end of the year or early 2024.  Vol V for Europe is still a couple of years away, we have A LOT of work still to do in Greece, Thrace, and Moesia.


Mark Fox:
Dear Board,

RPC X is back and its d├ębut is official this time:

Enjoy, and don't be afraid to send corrections in addition to new coin submissions!

Best regards,

Mark Fox

Pekka K:

2 additions submitted and already listed.

Pekka K

I didn't notice when RPC IV.4 changed its status to "Published". Will this volume actually be in print soon?

Tom Mullally:
I've got about 100 I need to submit to RPC X, now I just need to find their photos somewhere on my hard drive... As to when it'll come out in print, that'll be a while.  He still has to accept new submissions, edits, etc.  I would expect a couple of years at least.



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