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Thanks, Jerome, and congratulation...👍🤝


Jerome M:
RPC volume VII.2 is online!

RPC volume VII.2 covers all Roman provincial coinages issued in the reigns of Gordian I, Gordian II, Balbinus, Pupienus, and Gordian III (AD 238–244). It includes over 3,600 type descriptions and more than 25,000 coins, issued by 128 cities. The geographical scope ranges from Dacia to Egypt, without the province of Asia which was previously published in RPC VII,1 by Marguerite Spoerri.

Jerome Mairat (Oxford) and Marguerite Spoerri (Oxford) are the main authors and editors of this volume, with contributions by Michel Amandry (Paris), Roger Bland (Cambridge), Kevin Butcher (Warwick), Jack Nurpetlian (Beirut), and Ulrike Peter (Berlin).

Corrections and additions will be incorporated in the printed volume planned for next year. Please submit feedback through RPC online.

Browse at:

Browse using the map at

There is more to come!

Alex K2:
Thank you, great resource! I wonder, what are the plans for the rest of the world (besides Asia Minor and Egypt) of volume VI? Nothing is on the website, not even 'in progress'.

Jerome M:
Thanks. The project hopes to publish the remaining parts of volume VI online next year.

Alex K2:
Any updates? Thanks!


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