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Andrew McCabe:

--- Quote from: curtislclay on May 01, 2013, 01:55:15 pm ---Andrew,

Were the copies you saw in English or Italian?

I suspect these are just going to be "coffee-table" books rather than anything helpful and well grounded, but I'd like to take a look!

--- End quote ---

Italian. I took a cursory look at the cover of one but since the Republic was not yet covered I didn't look further.

Optimo Principi:
The Nero, Trajan,and Hadrian editions are now in English. I think you would be surprised at the level of detail and amount of excellent illustrations.

Maybe you could post here or e-mail me (address in my profile) a larger, readable scan of the Circus Maximus page?

Hi Curtis,

The Circus Maximus page is readable. Click on the image and click again on the one that opens up and it is clear.



Mauseus, thanks for the tip.

There is nothing on that page that would make me want the book.

Just an architectural history of the Circus, which I can find in any topographical dictionary of Rome.

Very little about Trajan's coin type itself. No mention of the starting gates on the right, from which chariots are sometimes shown emerging, and that at the left we see Titus' arch which is mentioned in the text. No mention of the temple topped by facing head of Sol to l. of the obelisk or of the other monuments on the spina apart from the obelisk and the turning posts.

No mention of Trajan's surviving inscription recording his reconstruction of the Circus and addition of seating for 5000 spectators in 103 AD. No mention of Woytek's recent dating of Trajan's Circus sestertii to that same year, 103, nor his discovery of a die link between the Circus type and the type showing Trajan addressing a crowd in the Circus, proving that the Speech in Circus type was contemporaneous with the architectural type, both of which evidently commemorated Trajan's reopening of the Circus in 103.

But maybe these details are on the following pages, not reproduced here?


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