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Extremely useful theses online

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Great find Dane, thanks.

And yes "numismatic" brings up a few new items too.

I did run into a small security issue.  The way the site is set up you can't choose where to download the files too it just downloads in your default spot.  This caused a problem when I tried to download it on my work computer as our system prevents this kind of download to the default spot.  I can only download directly to my own drive but Ethos does not allow that kind of targetting.

The result is I had to leave the items in my "cart" and download them at home later.

Just a warning that if you have such restrictions at work don't bother to try to download them during your lunch...   ;D



--- Quote from: gordian_guy on August 08, 2012, 07:14:31 pm ---

This has to be probably one of the best links reported - I now have a copy of Roger Bland's dissertation - a gold mine to the Gordian collector!!!


--- End quote ---

Funny thing is, Roger didn't know it had been uploaded and was quite surprised when I told him. He told me he is planning to rework and re-publish it, so asked me not to put it on in his name, which I offered to do. And yes, it is an absolutely excellent work.
And I bet the ethos server is working overtime and the server techs are baffled by the increased traffic lately  ;D

Is this site working for anyone at the moment? I get no results when I search.

Barry Murphy

Still working fine for me.

I get a "server not found" message in February 2013.


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