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The rare asses and sestertii of the "Viminacium" series of Valerian I /Gallienus

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--- Quote from: benito on April 03, 2012, 01:46:13 am ---How many antoniniani for Valerian II Iovi Crescenti. Quite a common coin IMO.
--- End quote ---

Göbl notes eight antoniniani with bust seen from front, 42 with bust seen from behind. So an interesting type, but not rare on antoniniani.

kc, thanks for showing your nice coin again! It appears to be from the same dies as the specimen known to Göbl, in the Gnecchi collection at Rome, illustrated in Gnecchi's Medaglioni Romani III, pl. 154.19.

Dr. Clay, you bring up an interesting point in passing: the military mint of Trebonianus Gallus.  Did that mint do any AEs for him?  Are those Ants the same ones that are attributed to Viminacium?

I'm referring to the IMP C C antoniniani of Gallus and Volusian that RIC, pp. 166-7 and 181-2, attributes to Milan.

There are no corresponding bronze coins for those issues.

Ok, thanks!

Sorry, it's me again to lower the average condition of coins in this thread. And I state it clearly that this is NOT the "very nice Viminacium as" that Curtis mentioned above. But it's missing in this list, so I'll show it here. It has the obv. legend with P AUG and a Three Monetae reverse; from what is visible with the coin in hand, I guess the rev. legend is MONETAE AUGG, but I'm not sure.
I won this coin on German Fleabay from Lanz after a fierce bidding war; somebody bid one Euro, and I got it for 1.50. ::)


PS: Technical data: 25 mm, 10.19 g, die axis 12 o'clock.


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