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I can't remember where I found Ruzicka's 'Die Münzen von Serdica, but I'm sure I found the link here
on FORVM. Furthermore I would like to use this place to collect links to other reference works
available electronically. At the moment I only have a few from, but I hope to expand it.
Unfortunately I have no access to Google books to see which books are there as full text.

Roman Imperial:
The coins of the ancient Britons (1864)
Evans, Fairholt, Sellier

A handbook of Greek and Roman coins (1899)

Coins of the Romans relating to Britain, described and illustrated (1844)

Catalogue of the Greek and Roman coins in the numismatic collection of Yale College (1880)
Yale University

Roman Provincial:

AMNG, volumes I and III are available here:
Volume I:
(there's another link to Volume I which leads to a completely different book, the above is the correct one)

Volume III:


Historical Greek coins (1906)
Sir George Francis Hill

Greek coins and their parent cities (1902)
Ward, Hill

Coins of ancient Sicily (1903)

Descriptive catalogue of Greek coins (1921)
Bement (American Numismatic Society)

Italo-Greek coins of southern Italy

Catalogue of the greek coins of Phrygia

The earliest coins of Greece proper

A handbook of Greek and Roman coins (1899)

The Montagu collection of coins which will be sold by auction by Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, at their house, 1896 : catalogue
Sotheby & Co.

Catalog of the coins of the Achaean league, illustrated by thirteen plates containing 311 coins; (1895)

The Weber collection; Greek coins ...,  (1922)
Weber, Forrer
Vol. 1
Vol. 3, Pt.1
Vol. 3, Pt.2

Catalogue of the Greek and Roman coins in the numismatic collection of Yale College (1880)
Yale University

Other ancient coins
Sassanian coins (1921)
W.H. Valentine

Judaean coins
Reinach, Hill

A handy guide to Jewish coins

This is just a small part of what's available on that site alone and I realize that not all of these are equally interesting but maybe it can be a starting point.


Thanks for starting the list.  I had already downloaded Clerk's book, but hadn't really searched the site to see what else is avaialable.

I've been trying to keep Barclay Head's 1911 bibliography annotated with links to books online:

I started a list of all numismatic books on Google but there are too many!

This is what I posted to an inquiry about Ruzicka's Serdica in an Identifications thread:

The Ruzicka Münzen von Serdika was found for me, by Gordian Guy.  It WAS, I think, on, but perhaps not from Toronto but rather from a US library?  (No, it's at Toronto).    And the .pdf title was the whole volume of the periodical in which it appeared:
It is, in fact, Numismatische Zeitschrift, Neue Folge VIII, 1915 (der ganzen Reihe Band XLVIII), pp. 1-82, Taf. I-IX.  Go ahead and download the whole volume, which contains other good things, too.
You will agree: it is not a self-evident .pdf name!
Charley even found the Nachtrag, which, skilled though he is, he had to scan and send as a .jpg.  I'd be glad to send it to you as an e-mail attachment (as he sent it to me); it's NZ for 1919, p. 158, if you happen to have the full run at hand in hard copy.
It's quite a few MB in .pdf, but if you're broadband, I can attach the .pdf on an e-mail to you, too.
Pat L.


Thanks for this useful thread; don't forget links to Isegrim, indexed Eckhel, Mionnet, Imhoof-Blumer, Anson Numismata Graeca, and Waddington RG online:


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