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Jay GT4:
Just received my copy of Mary Beards "SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome".  I'm only on chapter 4 but what a read!  She writes the same way she speaks so it's funny, interesting and very informative!

I listened to an audio book of that one this past summer! It's quite good. At first I was a bit confused as to why she stops at 212 AD, but her rationale matches her title pretty well. Like she says early on in the book, by the time Caracalla made every male in the Empire a citizen, it wasn't really the same Senatus Populusque Romanus anymore.

Her sections on the early history of Rome are especially excellent.

I read it a few months ago.  Definitely a good read.  She poses some important questions.


David Atherton:
Beard approaches her subjects with critical thinking skills that some of her colleagues sadly lack. Rarely do you find that in an author writing history for a popular audience!

Andrew McCabe:
Just published, I received my copy today:

Andrew Burnett – Andrew McCabe
An early Roman struck bronze with a helmeted goddess and an eagle
Nomismata, Studi di Numismatica antica offerti ad Aldina Cutroni Tusa per il suo novantatreesimo compleanno
Lavinia Sole, Sebastiano Tusa eds

Screenshots below:

available here



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