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I make extensive use of SNG ANS in cataloging my Greek coinage.  It has a lot of coins and great coin plates.  Its weakness is a familiar and fundamental deficiency in the SNG format: no table of contents, and no page numbers.  So here's my stab at a table of contents for SNG ANS, uploaded to my TOC gallery here. 
Please let me know of any shortcomings!


Flav V:

There is actually 3 books on sale. Here is the link to contact the library:

They are in belgium. I already bough books to them and they are all in very good state. On the capture there is the three books you maybe search. Its SNG but between us im not on greek coins so i may have confused with other books.

See my today's posting in this section of the forum for the link to all the SNG Cop volumes as pdfs on


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