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Along with Hoover's Handbook of Greek Coinage series and the SNG ANS series, SNG Copenhagen is a mainstay of my Greek numismatic reference material, but it has its faults.  The folio format is merely inconvenient. Since numismatic references are usually mint-driven, and not organized alphabetically, the biggest challenge can be the lack of a table of contents or index.  Perhaps the Supplement has one, but I've never seen it.  Taking matters into my own hands, I've crafted my own table of contents (or "TOC") for each of the eight volumes.  I hope it can serve others. 

I've left a link to the table of contents pdf at the Numiswiki page for SNG Copenhagen, and it's also available in the TOC folder in my gallery. 

As a new Forum member, there is quite a bit of novelty value in uploading, linking, posting...  please let me know of better ways of sharing.

Table of Contents

I welcome comments, questions, and above all, corrections. 

My Gallery

Joe Sermarini:
Excellent.  It will be helpful for me.  We could put the TOC right on the NumisWiki page, if that works for you?

Charles M:
Wow.  What an amount of work went into that!  That will make using SNG Cop so much easier.  Thank you for sharing.

Charles M.

Why is the SNG Cop on the Numiswiki page described as "Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Deutschland, The Royal Collection of Coins and Medals, Danish National Museum"???
I don't think that the Danish like that  ;).



Well spotted, Altamura.  How did I not see that?  ::)  Deutschland has already appropriated Slesvig, they can't have Copenhagen, too!  Perhaps Joe Sermarini will be kind enough to do some repairs.

After posting my table of contents for SNG Cop., an effort that cobbled together smaller efforts over several years, I've added a couple more posts to my "TOC" gallery:
The Dewing Collection and the Norman Davis Collection, both in the ANS ACNAC series.  Neither compares to the SNG Cop. (which I have) or SNG Deutschland (which I do not). 
I am working on a table of contents for the SNG ANS series.  That's all of nine volumes, not including the Burton Y. Berry two-volume collection that came before.  I recently posted my table of contents to the SNG ANS Berry Coll. It'd be great if the ANS 'TOCs' somehow got onto their Numiswiki page, assuming there is one. (UPDATE: SNG ANS, with links added from Numiswiki, and other SNG added, links below.   

Here are links to SNG (and similar) posts to my TOC gallery. To be clear, these are just pdf of table of contents (almost an index) to numismatic references, not full text or jpg of coins. 
for TOC |SNG |Copenhagen
for TOC |ANS |SNG vol. 1-9.
for TOC |ANS |ACNAC |Dewing Coll.
for TOC |ANS |ACNAC |Davis Coll.
for TOC |SNG |ANS |Berry Coll.
for TOC |SNG |Levante
for TOC |SNG |France vol. 1-3.
for TOC |SNG |Turkey vol. 1-4.



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