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Tomasz P:

--- Quote from: GAT on August 07, 2008, 12:39:13 pm ---


I.                     Łodź. The Archaeological and Ethnographical Museum.

                        Part 4:  Galatia – Zeugitana. 1998.

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We have 2 new volumes:

II. Cracow. The National Museum in Cracow,
Part 4 - Sarmatia - Bosporus. 2006

III. Warsaw. The National Museum in Warsaw,
Part 1 - The Northern Black Sea Coast Chersonesus - Bosporus. 2015

Volumes from Łódź and Warsaw are available to buy.


Joe Sermarini:
Do you have link to where they can be purchased online?

Tomasz P:
Unfortunately, Institution which is distributor of those books, is a little old-fashioned, so You can only place an order by e-mail, and then, they'll send to You details including bank account no.

Price of 1 volume is 42 pln (something about 10 euro), but I don't have any informations about shipping charges...

Mail for order:

Site of distributor (unfortunately only in Polish :( ):

If You have any questions just send an private message to me - I'll help as much as i could :)

Joe Sermarini:
I sent an email to see if I can get them for the Forum shop.

Hi everyone, I am interested on buying sng cop, all the 7 books as it seems they are the most mentioned references on Greek ancient coin auctions, does anyone know were to find them? Or download them by paying any fees?

King regards to everyone and thanks


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