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Books on Roman Egyptian Coins?

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7.  Regio Museum di Torino. Monete Greche by A. Fabretti, F. Rossi and R, V. Lazone. 1883
The Alexandrian section is on pages 430-637. Interesting and fairly well done catalog in Italian with 3166 Alexandrian coins. Citations are to Feuardent. Some of the coins were previously cited by Mionnet, but this volume is superior. It does have some date reading errors but overall pretty good for its time. Very good for describing its 183 lead tokens. It has a very good selection of Nome coins.

Believe it or not the volume is in print and can be purchased from Forum-- but not cheap. Worth the  high price. Citations to this volume are only in Emmett, probably because nobody else owns a copy.

8. SNG Copenhagen part 41 (I believe): Alexandria-Cyrenaica by Erik Christiansen and Anne Kromann 1974. A collection of 1162 Alexandrian coins with most coins pictured on the reverse side.  A good overview of the Alexandrian series with a fairly large nome section. Seldom cited as a reference. Likely still available as a reprint.

9. Die Alexandrinischen Museum by Joseph Vogt. 1924. This is more a thesis on Alexandrian coins and a summary of the coin types known at that time (in the second part). Very useful information. Does not cover the nome coinage. Its main benefit now is that it cites unpublished coins in Berlin and Muenchen. A few errors in the second part (reference citations). Worth possessing in your collection. There is a 1976 reprint. May be out of print. Has 5 coin plates.

10.  Collections Giovanni di Demetrio. Egypte Ancienne. Deuxieme Partie by F. Feuardent. 1873
A very extensive collection teaming with errors, but still useful. Citations are to Mionnet. It has several plates of line drawings. It is good for the nome coinage ( that section is currently in print and everyone should own that part). A dated collection, now in Athens. Available for about $500, but not worth anything near that amount. BMC and Dattari learned a lot from this book. A new (corrected) edition with the additional coins is needed for it to be of any use today.

*** Digital file free at the Digital Library Numis ***
***Available as a print to order book. Reduced in size, but superior to photocopies. Worth purchasing and having in hand-- only $29.00. Get the University of Michigan reprint and make sure you purchase the second volume.***

I'll any some other citations later.


There is also "Imperial Alexandrian Coins" by Stefan Kowronek.

It used to be available from FORVM but it seems it is no longer in their book catalogue.


I purchased two or three copies of that book from Europe several years ago. It is of very little benefit as it does not list a lot of coins. I don't believe there are any unpublished coins in that collection.

You should be able to locate a copy at ebay or try the following book search engines:

I located my copies using a google search, but it now seems more available now. I might mention these small volumes at the end of my listings. There are still a lot of more important collections.


David Atherton:
In the intervening two years since I first posted this question my interest in Egyptian coinage has not waned. Thank you for the excellent suggestions!

Just to continue on the references:

11. Catalogue of Greek Coins in the Hunterian Collection. Volume 3. by George MacDonald 1905

This is a very professional and well done catalogue of the Alexandrian coins collected by Hunter. It's an above average collection with many rarities for its size. Too bad it is hard to locate and very expensive. I believe there are a little over 1000 Alexandrian coins. Worth owning. Seldom cited as a reference.

*** available as a print to order and PDF online (along with vol 1 and 2)***

*** superseded by reference 68 (SNG format with pictures of the coins).***

12. Description de medailles antiques, grecques et romaines. volume 6 and suppl. volume 9. by T. E. Mionnet. Impressive in its time but now seldom used. Based primarily on the French collection along with citations from numismatists who couldn't read the Greek inscriptions properly. Teaming with partial-dated coins. Some citations are perfectly okay with many that are difficult to weed out.  Uses the Mionnet size charts. It's hard at times to distinguish between the obol and half-obol (called dichalkons in other catalogues). I'm sure there are other attribution problems, . Be aware of the Elagabalus/Caracalla errors which extend to the BMC catalogue (since corrected). Available at google books for free, although finding and downloading it are the major problems. Still of benefit today. Nome coinage is separate and is actually pretty good for its time.

*** PDF files of both volumes are online***

13. SNG France 4: Alexandrie I: Auguste - Trajan by Soheir Bakhoum 1998. Excellent plates of all the coins is a plus for this "catalog only" listings. Includes the Luynes IV (1936) and Delepierre collections, even though the Luyes collection is of little benefit. Long overdue for the next volume. Sometimes coin details are left out of the descriptions. Does not cite Mionnet as a reference-- suprising because most were cited by Mionnet from the French collection. It would be nice to confirm/reject the Mionnet citations. Dumped in price a while ago. Still a useful one-volume set. It has a lot of duplication due to many donations. Check out coin 1000: Domitia hemidrachm.

14. SNG. Italia (Milan): volume 13 part 2 Octavianus Augustus - Lucius Verus 1991
part 3: Commodus - Galerius 1992
Not a perfectly done catalogue, but at least one that was completed. Photos of all the coins. There may be some problems with the inscriptions on worn coins as the expected inscription is usually given in full and the actual inscription not transcribed. Usefull collection.

15. Aegypten zur Roemerzeit by Dietrich Klose and Bernard Overbeck (Muenchen)1989.
Not specifically a catalogue but an overview of the influence of Egypt through the Roman period which is illustrated by Greek Imperial and Roman issues in Alexandria. Shows additional coins from other areas which are influenced by Egypt. Some statues included. A very well done show catalog. Only source illustrating coins in the Muenchen collection. Well worth purchasing. Beware of the incorrectly attributed Tranquillina tetradrachm.

I'll add some others later.



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