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Books on Roman Egyptian Coins?

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Joe Sermarini:
Done.  If you ever forget the URL, just go to NumisWiki.

A university in Italy has kindly put volume I (Tiberius to Crispina) of Savio's
"Katalog der alexandrinischen Münzen" from the Schledehaus Collection in
Osnabrück Museum online:

Looking for volume 2!

72.  A Catalogue of the Roman Provicial Coins from the Alexandrian Mint in the Graeco-Roman Museum in Alexandria:  1. The issues of the Julio-Claudian Dynasty (30 BC – AD 68)

by Hans-Christoph Noeske (and others)

This is the first volume of two (the second one will cover coins up to the end of Trajan). At the present time the Greco-Roman Museum is closed and the numismatic collections are no longer accessible for study. This is a project that has been in the works for over 40 years and the number of individuals involved in the project is large.

The first volume pictures 2689 coins (on 97 plates), most of them duplicates. The actual number of coins is a little over 200. It is not a real coin catalogue but more of a cross-reference to RPC. Due to the source and condition of the coins, it likely is the only suitable method of publishing them.

The important coins in this volume are the Octavian/Augustus and Nero bronze issues. Some die identities have been identified but for some reason no die identities of the most common Nero coin: Alexandria bust right, LIB were found.

The main importance of this volume is the weights and sizes of the coins.

It appears to be a very accurate “catalogue”.


73.  Roman Provincial Coinage: IX: Trajan Decius to Aemilian. 2016. by Anthony Hostein and Jerome Mairat.

The Alexandrian part is coins 2220-2333. It includes a few new obverse inscription varieties as well as a new reverse type for Trajan Decius: Helios and Selene busts jugate right of year 1, which originated from the Curtis collection (purchased after his original collection was sold). It is a short 4 year span for this RPC part.


Curtis JJ:
A couple things, hope all this is okay here (and that I didn't already post this somewhere here?):

I've created a page on my collection site to help others research important pre-2000 auction catalogs that feature coins of Roman Egypt (Alexandrian), and that are available online (about 40 catalogs and other private collections, most with 100-500 Alexandrian coins illustrated; I chose pre-2000 because many of the most important auctions are not indexed in ACSearch or Coinarchives, etc.):

"20th Cent. Sales of Alexandrian Coins Online" =

To be clear, the page is specifically about auction catalogs, not books or articles. I use it for provenance research or to find examples from well-known collections. But there are other uses for auction catalogs.
(I was inspired to it by seeing Warren Esty's and Steve Moulding's pages on auction catalogs; their sites linked below.)

All links below are on one page; they're just to different sections so readers can jump ahead to whatever's important to them.

Skipping down to the "Online Auctions, Annotated List" [LINK], I've included a list of about 35 or 40 of the most "important" 20th century auction catalogs of Roman Egypt, Alexandrian coins that are available online. Most include at least 100 lots of Alexandrian, some fewer, others up to 500+ illustrated. For each catalog I've included basic info. about the auction & the consignor/collection (when avail.), and summarized the number of lots &/or plates of Alexandrian coins. Occasionally with additional details.

These are excerpted from a much larger annotated list of old auction catalogs online, so I may have occasionally left in additional notes about the auction when cutting/pasting.
I'm still working on all this, including editing. But I figured it's not going to be perfect, so best to go ahead and share it now before the next new technology comes along and renders it obsolete!

If you don't care about all of my annotations (or the dates of the auctions, etc.), I've also included a "Quick, Ultra-Abbreviated List" [LINK] of ~37 links (I think -- I'm still adding, so maybe more).

I've also listed most of the hard copy Alexandrian catalogs in my library, incl. those that are NOT online; let me know if you ever need to check a reference, that's why I have them. (Or if you have one I don't that you want to sell/trade!)

There are bibliographical materials about sale literature for Alexandrian coins, including external links to others' bibliographies or annotated lists.

One purpose is to make provenance research easier, so I've also included notes on & links to other private Alexandrian collections that have been dispersed (but not available in PDF auction catalogs), such as Col. J. Curtis, G. Dattari, Keith Emmett (cat. by Zack "Beast" Beasley).

Steve M. may have many/most or these catalogs linked as well:
Warren Esty has a set of annotations for many of these same sales:  AND


Last year I already posted separately here in "Books and References" to ask (Any info about Figari-Mosconi (2017) on the Dattari Collection?), but I'll keep the request alive here...
Giuseppe Figari and Massimo Mosconi's (2017) Duemilla Monete della Collezione Dattari , Genoa: Circ. Numis. Astengo).

If anyone ever has a lead on a copy (or many copies!), I'm all in. (I've tried the numismatic club/"circolo" that published it a couple times, but will eventually try again.)

A glamour shot showing some of my reference volumes (the auction catalogs weren't photogenic enough!) on coins of Roman Egypt/Alexandria (and a pair of Hadrians for scale):


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