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71.  Angelo Geissen and Manfred Weber: Untersuchungen zu ägyptischen Nomenprägungen.

Zeitschriff für Papyrologie und Epigraphik.

Teil I: 144 (2003), p. 277-300
Teil II: 147 (2004), p. 259-280
Teil III: 149 (2004), p. 283-306
Teil IV: 151 (2005), p. 279-305
Teil V: 153 (2005), p. 291-316
Teil VI: 155 (2006), p. 271-300
Teil VII: 157 (2006), p. 277-304
Teil VIII: 158 (2007), p. 271-300
Teil IX: 160 (2007), p. 275-300
Teil X: 164 (2008), p. 277-305

Originally one could purchase the complete PDF set of articles from the publishers. The articles have just been published in book form at a price of 124 Euros:


This is the most important set of articles (and now book) covering the Nome coinage. It describes 460 coins and almost all of the coins are pictured on its 30 plates. It has up-to-date research on the deities worshiped in the individual nomes which is used to identify the reverse types.

All nome collectors should have this book.


72.  Musei Theupoli antiqua numismata olim collecta a Ioan. Domin. Theupolo aucta & edita a Laurentio & Federico fratribus Theupolis. Venetiis 1736 (Vienna collection)

This is an early collection written in latin. The Alexandrian coins are in volume 2 (part VII, pages 1097 to 1196). The Alexandrian coins are cited in Zoega. There may be coins not cited by Zoega, as Zoega might cite the earliest listing of the coin from an earlier collection.

The catalogue gives a description of what is being held in each hand of the reverse type but fails to describe the direction the figure faces.

The 2 volume set can be downloaded at search for: musei theupoli

The non-Alexandrian sections of this volume are very interesting.


The Dattari collection (in two volumes) in PDF format, is available for free at


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Someone please post the link.  I will put the link on the Dattari NumisWiki page.

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