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MER Paris Vol. IV - Trajan - now online

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..and another jewel from the Paris crown:

Monnaies de l'Empire romain. IV, Trajan, 98-117 après J.-C.

83.4 Mb as is, 1,055 coins on ca. 71 plates.

MER? Never heard of it. Looked on NumisWiki, but nothing under MER. However, there's something under BnF IV or Besombes...  (here's something). 

Quite recent, 2008. 
Great enlargements!

Seems there are others in the series available online from Gallica. Vol.III. Maybe others.

I was too idle to write out the full title Monnaies de l'Empire Romain.... etc. in the subject line, so I abbreviated it to MER.
"BnF" seems far too generic in view of the number of various "Tome IV" they have on gallica, including numerous old (19th century) hand-written inventories.
For me, it's MER, so there ! ;D

Kevin D:
Thanks for posting this, Dane.

Seeing the Trajan volume got me to look for the first three volumes in this series, which I eventually found on Gallica. I didn't know any of these were online.

Thomas A2:
Helvetica, thank you for bringing this to the forum’s attention! I recently found out about this series and was looking to learn more about it.

Kevin D, if you could, can you share the links to the other volumes?


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