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new alexandrian book. book or pdf format?

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Looking at options/ demand for printed variety book with thousands of images of varieties in different formats:

1. Printed book, 800 pages, $300.
2. Pdf of book, $35.
3. Book and pdf only to book purchasers. $320.

Elagabalus to Domitius Domitianus. Book version likely will be 3 volumes.

You can pm me if you wish.


Joe Sermarini:
I would definitely buy the PDF.

I might buy the printed book but I am hoping someday to be able to work while on travel. I dream of scanning my whole library so I can use it anywhere. (Sadly, it will probably never happen.)

Curtis JJ:
I'll be excited to see your new book and would buy the PDF for $35 without hesitation. I'd be very grateful for PDF availability, since I don't buy that many $300 books (though I paid that much for Dattari-Savio 2007, which is only 1 vol.). Eventually I would probably want a print copy too.

For context: I collect all kinds of ancient coin literature but on a modest budget. (Numismatic library with a few hundred books + ~500 sale catalogs/lists, bought about half used, over about 25-35 years.)

Virgil H:
If this were a book I really wanted, I would have to do the PDF because of the price differential. And that price for a PDF of an 800 page book is a great price that I would imagine would hurt print sales because it is so low. But, I hate PDF books except for novels with no illustrations. I hate electronic books for any reference book. Unless I really felt I needed it, I would probably buy neither. For example, I really want the Vondrovoc book on coinage of the Huns in Iran/Afghanistan/India, but the printed book is 200 plus Euros and the PDF is 170 Euros (two volumes). I just can't do 200 Euros for a book now and there is no way I am buying a PDF for 170 for literally anything (plus, if I could afford 170, I could afford 200). I am not complaining about the price for the printed version, just that I can't afford it. Numismatic books seem to be in that category where prices have to been really high because sales numbers are low for such books. But, that PDF price is attractive and will I am sure hurt printed book sales. I know publishers have some kind of balance here with pricing. It is just tough for the average person to pay that much for books. I guess authors depend on library sales. Anyway, good luck with it. And my comments do not reflect on your book, just the reality of affordability in these inflationary times.


Likely it will either be a pdf or print version.

I do not like the price of the book as it likely will not sell many copies. Pdfs are not as easy to use, but probably could be designed to overcome many problems. With pictures of virtually all the coins it likely will be easy to use.



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