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Henseler-Ganschow Kappadokien vol I, Does anyone have it?


Does anyone have Henseler-Ganschow Kappadokien vol I (ends with Commodus) who could check something for me and possibly scan the page(s) of a certain type:
Type: AE, Four corn-ears on an altar with a star in the right field to the right of the altar.
Obv legend: ALL
Rev legend: ALL
A German collector has just sent me the photos of his new purchase and I can't find it anywhere with a star in the right field.
Scans of the appropriate pages - if present - would be greatly appreciated so that I can add the reference and also to my Isegrim xls. (I have Henseler vol II with all the Severans but not Vol. I)


What emperor?

Can you show us the pictures?


As stated above: Commodus

I'll add the image here. Please do NOT add to RPC online. I will do it when I have the owner's permission.


The only Commodus bronzes of this type (four wheat ears on altar) that I can find in Ganschow are his nos. 304a-c, all on p. 312, 26-29 mm, Year 10 (ET .I.), all without an additional star in rev. field.

I suppose the new piece is Year 10 also, though hard to make out in the photo?


Thankyou Curtis.
It does appear to be ET I, so year 10 with some small blobs between the ET and the I.
So it needs to go to RPC then, it'll have to wait, I have a long do-this list at the moment...


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