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Ancient Coinage Of The Iberian Peninsula (ACIP) available for free download


Tom Mullally:
I have just learned that "Ancient Coinage Of The Iberian Peninsula" (2011, Villaronga & Benages), is being made available as a free download by the publisher.  This is the primary reference for the local coinage of ancient Spain and a must-have for every library. This is cited as ACIP by most dealers/catalogers. Enjoy!

Excellent.  Thanks for sharing.

Curtis JJ:
Thank you, Tom! I see that Acta Numismatica 1-5 (1971-1975) is also linked. Very useful. I've downloaded ACIP and added the links to my file of online numismatic periodicals and major references.

While we're at it, here's another useful Spanish numismatic periodical that's online in PDF (as are many of the other important European journals, ZfN, SM, SNR, JNG, RN, RIN, Antike Kunst, no doubt others):

NVMISMA, No. 1 through 263 (1951 - 2020/2021). Journal of the SIAEN (La Sociedad Iberoamericana de Estudios Numismáticos), Madrid.

* Individual issues available free online (PDF). Chronological index, incl. link for each issue in PDF (navigate to decades on the left):
Alphabetical index (authors) also avail. on NVMISMA frontpage:


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