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Due to a combination of their changing software and my ignorance in matters relating to online activity, I have not had access to update or correct my web pages for the last five years.  Thank to the efforts of Joe from Forvm who hosts my pages, that has been corrected.  Eventually, I hope to add a few new pages BUT the first task is to correct errors, dead links, spelling or just plain bad information.  I would appreciate greatly a private message on anything you find 'wrong' so I can fix that page or delete it altogether if I determine it is a total loss.  For example, I found a link on my page on Asian coins that has been dead since the death of Tom Mallon.  That will be corrected but I suspect there are a few (dozen, hundred???) other matters that I have not yet found.   Now that I'm not buying many new coins, I will concentrate on polishing up the old material and adding things I got in the last five years or so.  I would not mind suggestions for new pages but my first priority is editing the old and embarrassing errors.  With well over a hundred pages to check, I really need help!

Pekka K:

You are not only member to suffer this problem:

Pekka K

Virgil H:
I have found your web site very useful over the years and I am happy you are getting back to it. I have created a number of web sites over the years and it is a daunting task to keep them updated. I will spend some time there with editing in mind, but you do have some wonderful articles there.


Great news, one of my first web pages and still favorite related to roman coins that I was visiting. I was even visiting the page few times every year since it was inactive in hope to find any new update.  :)



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