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Auction ref. check for Ratto 1911 Louis the Pious denier

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Dear Board,
I bought this coin (a denier of Milan of Louis the Pious) with as a reference 'ex Gavazzi, Milan 1911 lot 6.' Now there is no auction house with that name, but the R. Ratto sale of April 24, 1911 was the col. Giuseppe Gavazzi, which seems to be more than a coincidence.

I am hoping there is a forum member who has this catalogue and is able to check if it is the same coin.
Best regards
Gert Boersema

Dominic T:
We have a member here who created a wonderful reference site: rNumis. I didn’t have the time today to check your reference, but here’s the link :

Thank you for the link. I did not know the site, but will definitely check it out in the future.

However, with the sale I would need, there is no link to the BN as with the others, nor is the pdf downloadable.


Dominic T:
I have contacted Steve about the auction we were talking about because he has the plates in his personal files. Here is his answer: « Hi Dominic, I checked and it's not that sale, unfortunately...all strictly ancient Greek & Roman. I will keep a lookout for other possibilities though. » So to be continued…

Dominic T:
Another email from him: « one extra looks like the Gavazzi sale was 53...the Cavedoni sale I scanned is 54. There are  6 Gavazzi plates, so your friend may be in luck if he can find the catalog. »


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