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Legionary coins of Septimius Severs - references


Kacper D:
Hello everyone!
I am a student of history at one of the Polish universities. I am due to the preparation of a research paper on Septimius Severus' legionary coins. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find some of the necessary materials. I am currently looking for the following articles and I hope one of you might help me with this issue:

The legionary coins of Septimius Severus / Bruce R. Brace. The Journal of the Classical & Medieval Numismatic Society. Series 2, Vol. 4, n.3, September, 2003.

Carlson, Carl W. A. Some notes on coin issues commemorating Roman legions. Journal of the Society for American Numismatics vol 3, no. 3 (1971-2)

Selby, Peter. Coins of the legions : Mark Antony and Septimus Severus. Coin & Medal News vol 25, no. 4 (April 1988)

K. Wittwer, Kaiser und Heer im Spiegel der Reichsmünzen (Diss. Tübingen 1986) 131-135.

Ziegler, Ruprecht. Die Legionsmünzen des Kaisers Septimius Severus. Münstersche Numismatische Zeitung. Beilage zu Münzhandlung und Numismatischer Verlag Holger Dombrowski, Lagerkatalog 41 (Münster 1971) 1-4,

I am also looking for confirmation of the existence of the legionary aureus of II Adiutrix which is said to have appeared at the following auction: Numismatic Fine Arts, Auktion 25 (Nov. 1990), Nr. 414.

Perhaps someone also has a photo of the legionary coin of Julia Domna from Alexandria? If you have heard of any new types of also please let me know!

Thank you in advance for your help!

These are quite obscure journals you have here :-\.

Perhaps you can find for some a library holding it via and ask there for a copy. Some universities do have a copying service.

The Carlson article appeared in SAN, the "Journal of the Society for Ancient Numismatics" (not in "Journal of the Society for American Numismatics"):

For the thesis by Konrad Wittwer you could ask directly at the university of Tübingen (

Perhaps this helps at least a bit :-\.



Could you please check the Numismatic Fine Arts auction number and date ? The auction number of 25 does not seem to correspond with other NFA auction numbers and dates.


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