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Royal Numis. Society - some Special Publications free to download


The Royal Numismatic Society has kindly made several of their Special Publications free to download as pdfs:
including (just some examples:)
- SP 7: Roderick T. Williams, Silver Coinage of the Phokians (1972)
- SP 29: Richard Ashton, Studies in Ancient Coinage from Turkey (1996)
- SP 40: Kenneth A. Sheedy, The Archaic and Early Classical Coinages of the Cyclades (2006)
- SP 41: Seaby and Ireland, A Catalogue of Ancient Coins in the Cabinet of Sir Rodger Newdigate of Arbury Hall, Warwickshire
- SP 42: Jennifer Warren: The Bronze Coinage of the Achaian Koinon(2007)
- SP 43: Ann Johnston, Greek Imperial Denominations, ca 200-275: A study of Roman Provincial Bronze Coinages of Asia Minor (2007)
- SP 44: Casey, Arslan, et al, Sinope: A Catalogue of the Greek, Roman and Byzantine Coins in Sinop Museum (Turkey) and Related Historical and Numismatic Studies (2010)
- SP 47 and 49: Curtis, Askari etc: Sasanian Coins: A Sylloge of the Sasanian Coins in the National Museum of Iran, vols 1 and 2
- SP 50: Humphris and Delbridge, The Coinage of the Opountian Lokrians (2014)
- SP 51: Bennett, Elite Self-Representation on the Provincial Coinage of Asia 31 BC – AD 275 (2014) (This is an indepth study of magistrates on coins of Asia Minor, but it is not a catalog per se).

Coin Hoards Volume 1 (1975), Volume 2, (1976), Volume 5, (1979)

Make sure you have enough room on your harddisks - many of the above are a Quarter-Gigabyte in size (250 Mb+)
The download links can be found in the list here:

Virgil H:
Thank you for these ideas, I am headed now to the publication from Sinope for starters.


Kevin D:
Thanks for letting us know about this, Dane.

These are good quality PDFs...The Sasanian Coins volumes are 973mb and 1.5gb.

I ran the 250+ Mb volumes through Adobe Acrobat using Save as other... "Reduced Size pdf" - and they are now less than ca. 50 Mb and the images are just as good quality.


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