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--- Quote from: mauseus on June 22, 2022, 05:00:18 pm ---Meant to also ask, can this be restored to the database please as it is strictly neither RIC 476 (as it was classified, that would be vertical sceptre), nor 482 (transverse sceptre but listed for SC only in RIC).

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Will do, but it'll have to wait until my next upload session (usually at the end of each month). I'll put it in as a 476/482 var.
I know that Sam has been working on his Carausius corpus for many years. I often send him coin images and can't wait for the book to be published, be it in print or online, because there are so many coins with "var" on wildwinds, and I hate using "xxx var" as a reference. (Hence the many coins, especially Greeks and provincials, using the name of the seller and item number, such as the ten AE coins on the Ephesus page using e.g. "Forum 81803" as a reference, or "CNG 25, 309" (CNG auction 25, lot 309)


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