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Zur Münprägung von Aizanoi?


Virgil H:
Anyone know where I can find this:von Aulock, H. "Zur Münprägung von Aizanoi" in R. Naumann, ed., Der Zeustempel zu Aizanoi. (Berlin, 1979).

I have looked online with no success.

I finally have acquired my first coin from Aizanoi, a place I have visited and absolutely loved. My coin is Roman Provincial (Gallenius) and I have it identified at a 98% confidence level, but finding photos of these coins is very hit and miss, including on Wildwinds (my specific coin is not on Wildwinds or RPC online or Sear GIC). Anyway, not the point, I would love to see this book/chapter/article. I found some related articles, but no images and my ability with German is not great.


Unfortunately you have to get the book by Naumann - either buy it or get it from a decent archaeological library
There is nothing online, unless someone can help with a acan.
Zur Münzprägung von Aizanoi. In: Rudolf Naumann, Der Zeustempel von Aizanoi, DAI, Denkmäler antiker Architektur 12, 1980

Why don't you post a photo here?


Virgil H:
Thank you for your response. I will post a photo in the appropriate section to try to get some opinions. I guess I was trying to avoid asking for help with a coin I am pretty sure I have attributed correctly, but it can't hurt.



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