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Constantius II medaillon same dies as for heavy miliarense

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Din X:
This one is currently for sale as authentic in an auction closing 4 Jun 2022.
This medaillon shares the same dies with a heavy miliarense.
Interstingly I have a transfer die from the same obverse which is sadly incompatible because this suspected medaillon has details like parts of dotted border which are missing in my die :(

The eye looks starange I assume its apperance was changed due to slippage or double striking.
The heavy miliarense is missing details and has more wear than the medaillon so the heavy miliarense can not be the mother.
What is strang is that the heavy miliarense has no new details from the authentic mother, all details can already be found on the medaillon.
That means that the heavy miliarense could be a transfer die fake too and it could have been struck with same transfer die.
And the eye looks strange too on the heavy miliarense, which could mean that the eye was damaged there identically due to slippage or double striking, and this would be a huge problem because completely identical individual characteristics from striking should not be present on 2 coins from the same dies. But it is hard to tell for sure from pictures especially becasue details were removed on the heavy miliarense by wear or corrosion.

Picture 1 top medaillon
Picture 2-4 same coin heavy miliarense
Picture 5 heavy miliarense (not sure about authenticity, no new details)
Picture 6 shows same double striking, lippage under nose and very similar or identical damage eye due to slippage or double striking

Din X:
my transfer die, I extra post it in a new post, becasue it was NOT used to strike the medaillon ot the heavy miliarense.
It only shows that transfer dies exist of this type.

Lech Stępniewski:
Thanks. Very convincing and instructive.

Here's a few more of same type (presumed fake) that don't all seem to have the same eye damage and "lippage" under the nose.

Din X:
These ebay fakes were most likely struck or pressed with my transfer die, they have indentical die flaws as on my transfer die.
They were struck before some metal brok out of my transfer die (die flaw) below the T at about 10´o clock.
These die flaws are not present/visible on the 2 heavy miliarenses sold at aucitons and the medaillon.


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