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Daniel-Alexandru B:
Hello. I have a coin from Valentinianus III.
Reverse: SALVS REI-PVBLICE. I am not 100% sure.
Weight 1,03 g, Diameter 13,16 mm.

I didn't find a RIC listing. On Wildwinds I have found something similar, CNG 88-1450. Does someone have an Ideea?

On the reverse, I see the first word reading LORIA -- that would make it GLORIA REI PVBLICA.

Try Valentinian II instead.

Sear vol. V, page 392, #20340 is a coin of Valentinian II with this reverse from Thessalonica (mint mark TES). The RIC reference is ix, p. 186, 62a.

Unfortunately, the mint mark on your coin is mostly missing, but I think I can see and E in the exergue.

I hope this provides a direction for you to search.

Close, it is GLORIA REIPVBLICE.  The type was only struck at Thessalonica so always has the TES mint mark.  But you can see the officinal letter - A in this case - in the left field.

It is known for Theodosius I and Arcadius as well as Valentinian II.

It was struck in 387 AD.

Your is in quite nice condition for the type!



LRBC dates this coin broadly in AD 383-392 , catalogue number LRBC-II, 1864

However RIC is more precise in dating:

RIC IX pg. 186, 62a Autumn 384 – August 388


Daniel-Alexandru B:
Thank you very much for all your help. Have a nice day!


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