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New Books for me -- Barrington Atlas, RBW Collection, and more

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February isn't half over, but it is numismatically going extremely well for me.  The books are stacking up:

The Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World -- a giant book, not easy to find, pre-loved, but only the dust jacket needs repair. (And is about 32 by 48 cms!)

New, and not any easier to lug home:

The RBW Collection, from the sale catalogs, consolidated by NAC with additional notes, including from Andrew McCabe.
Fides, the ANS festschrift for RBW (also with McCabe article) (and 500 pgs+)

And, the current AJN has arrived!

Not only that, I have a few great books from Forum that are soon to arrive.  I am not sure I want an early Spring!

Jay GT4:
Great pick ups!  I've been looking for an affordable Barrington's for a long time.

Thank you, Jay.  It took a great deal of patience and a bit of bargaining to get to "affordable".  I actually picked up the 2 volume companion directory/notes sooner than the Atlas itself.  I think a large portion of a bottom shelf will become home to the atlas; too dangerous to have above one's head. 

I will post some notes in a few weeks as I get more familiar with it.

Wonderful books PMah!  I don't yet have the Barrington Atlas in my library.  It's perpetually on my book want list.  Alas, it's expensive and oversized. Neither my wallet nor bookshelf have room.

The iPad version of the Barrington atlas, modulo a few minor bugs, was quite usable in my experience. It cost about 20 USD a few years ago.


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