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Balog is online. One very long page to scroll down, but everything there, including the plates. But there is also a epub download.

and also hathitrust, starting from page 139, but I  don't know if this works inside of the USA;view=1up;seq=155

Joe Sermarini:
Thanks Ralf.  Took me a while to spot your post.

Joe Sermarini:


--- Quote from: Joe Sermarini on August 11, 2016, 01:28:24 pm ---This list is continuously updated. There are more but...
- Robinson, D.M., and P.A. Clement. The Chalcidic Mint and the Excavation Coins found in 1928-1934. Excavations at Olynthus IX. (Baltimore, 1938).

--- End quote ---

In searching for Robinson-Clement, I came across a link to a "free" download with registration.  Screenshot attached. Site is:

But there's a catch: it's actually a 30 day trial period... and who knows how much $ thereafter.  The portal shifts from to  There are multiple volumes, and part IX contains the work on the coinage. 

Wait. It gets worse...  I received a warning message from Microsoft Defender SmartScreen:
  <<This website has been reported as unsafe
  Hosted by
  We recommend that you do not continue to this website. It has been reported to Microsoft for containing threats to your computer that might reveal personal or financial information.>> 

Still, someone may already have an account or some defensive mechanism to deploy...  anyone?

PS: attachment doesn't appear and isn't working--- sorry.

Its copyright wouldn’t be cleared anyway.  All those pirate sites are loaded with viruses.


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